Hello, my name is
Olivier Meyer
I'm a
creative programmer

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Professional + student works


Hybrid AR board game that is also a comic book

Spline Racer

OpenGL airplane racing game made from scratch


Mixed reality short film made with no green screen


Dialogue between a dancing performer and an AI

La purée

Animated videoclip about mashed potatoes

Dead Net

Fictional cyberpunk zombie movie intro sequence


Universal WebGL product configurator


Contemplative game to explore along with a tale

Kitchen Nightmare

VR game about doing the dishes


Curious bird-robot which dances with visitors

Les lunettes

Short film about a kid who develops special powers…


Ocean themed OpenGL shoot 'em up game

2019 Showreel

programming + audiovisuals


Journey + philosophy

I'm an artist-programmer.

Multitalented engineer and programmer experienced in working with game engines, web technologies and micro-controllers, I create immersive experiences for the public. I am a UX-centric problem solver with strong creative skills essentials throughout design and production of a project. My multifaceted profile allows me to communicate efficiently with tech teams and art teams as well as understand the needs of a client.

I'm graduating graphic engineering in 2020 at IMAC school in Paris, France and am currently in exchange at UQAT university, Quebec.

I'm available for intern work worldwide as a creative programmer in an innovative company between May and October 2020.

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